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Introducing the new PrismaLung+ blood-gas exchanger on the PrisMax 2 system, offering expanded treatment possibilities

You can now deliver ECCO2R therapy on the PrisMax 2 platform, either as stand-alone CO2 removal therapy or in conjunction with CRRT and blood purification for sepsis management for endotoxin and cytokine removal. With the introduction of the PrismaLung+ device, the PrisMax 2 system can now deliver any combination of these three therapies simultaneously on the same device, limiting therapy invasiveness with one access point, and increasing patient comfort with integrated blood warming — all in a setup similar to CRRT1.  

Support management of acute respiratory dysfunction with ECCO₂R

ECCO2R therapy removes CO2 from a patient’s blood with an extracorporeal circuit to help manage hypercapnia and respiratory acidosis that can result from lung-protective mechanical ventilation strategies.

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Help manage severe hypercapnia and respiratory acidosis

Severe hypercapnia is associated with ARDS and aeCOPD2,12 and often leads to increased ICU mortality2. ECCO2R therapy at low blood flow rates may help to manage hypercapnia and respiratory acidosis in these patients3

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Reduce the need for invasive mechanical ventilation

For aeCOPD patients who are at the risk of NIV failure, ECCO2R therapy, at low blood flow rates, may be used to help reduce intubation4.
ECCO2R therapy may be also used to help facilitate weaning from invasive mechanical ventilation6,14.

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Effectively support LPV and ULPV

In patients with ARDS, use of LVP or ULPV may help prevent further VILI and reduce the risk of death7, but may increase PaCO2 levels2
ECCO2R therapy, at low blood flow rates, may help manage PaCO2 levels and thereby facilitate use of LPV or ULPV8.

Deliver ECCO2R as standalone or in combination with other therapies14

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Deliver stand-alone ECCO2R to support management of acute respiratory dysfunction

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ECCO₂R and CRRT combined

Combine therapies to support management of acute respiratory dysfunction and acute kidney injury

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ECCO₂R, CRRT, and blood purification for sepsis management combined

Add blood purification for sepsis management to support management of acute respiratory dysfunction and AKI in patients who may benefit from removal of inflammatory mediators

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Maximize ECCO₂R performance

Optimize ECCO2R delivery with the PrismaLung+ blood-gas exchanger, specifically designed to enable CO2 removal with a therapy-specific software mode on the PrisMax 2 system.  Treat more confidently with accurate patient warming using the TherMax Blood Warmer.

The PrismaLung+ blood-gas exchanger is intended for patients with increased levels of CO2 in their blood and with a body weight greater than or equal to 30 kg (66 lb)9.   

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Optimize CO₂ removal with smaller membrane for risk management

The PrismaLung+ blood-gas exchanger delivers CO2 removal equivalent to that of a device with a larger surface area, while addressing risks that may be associated with extracorporeal therapies:
• Smaller membrane size to help reduce clotting risk
• Lower extracorporeal blood volume

An in vitro study shows that at the same blood flow rates and the same initial PaCO2 levels, the PrismaLung+ blood-gas exchanger (0.8m2) provides similar CO2 removal rate performance when compared to a much larger membrane10.

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Combine high blood flow rates with limited invasiveness

By operating at blood flow rates similar to CRRT and using the same vascular access, the PrismaLung+ blood-gas exchanger limits the invasiveness of ECCO2R therapy compared to mid-flow ECCO2R and vv-ECMO. The PrismaLung+ blood-gas exchanger works with any brand catheter, and can be used with Baxter’s GamCath GDHK-1320 catheter, which has demonstrated one of the best access and return pressure performances at various blood flow rates when compared to other brands and designs including bigger catheter sizes (13, 14 and 15FR)11.

TherMax blood warmer in a blue circle

Maintain patient blood temperature14

When integrated with the PrisMax 2 system, the PrismaLung+ blood-gas exchanger uses the TherMax Blood Warmer to provide an advanced source of support for efficient and easy patient blood warming. Automatic blood heating adjustment helps meet the prescribed return blood temperature independently from blood flow rates and therapy interruptions.

Optimized ECCO₂R delivery with smart efficiencies

Integrate ECCO2R therapy into your existing CRRT setup with the PrismaLung+ blood-gas exchanger on the PrisMax 2 system and reduce the need for additional capital expenditure and monitor maintenance while minimizing staff training requirements. 

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Reduce the need for additional investments and monitor maintenance

Run all therapies (CRRT, TPE, ECCO₂R, blood purification for sepsis management) and modalities (SCUF, CVVH, CVVHD, CVVHDF) with just one monitor – the PrisMax 2 system.

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Optimize staff workload and training

Streamline ECCO2R treatment setup with step-by-step software guidance through the intuitive PrisMax 2 interface. Providing a setup and implementation routine similar to CRRT enables easy integration of the new therapy with limited training effort. 


The PrismaLung+ blood-gas exchanger is easily added to the CRRT set and the whole set is automatically one-step primed which means interactions during setup is similar to CRRT.

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Enhance overall treatment accuracy

Help improve patient fluid balance accuracy with Baxter’s patented software algorithm estimating normal phenomenon of water evaporation during ECCO2R treatment13.


The PrisMax control unit is intended for:
• Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) for patients with acute renal failure and/or fluid overload
• Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE) therapy for patients with diseases where removal of plasma components is indicated
• Hemoperfusion (HP) for patients with conditions where immediate removal of substances by adsorption is indicated
• Extracorporeal CO2 Removal (ECCO2R) for patients with conditions where extracorporeal elimination of carbon dioxide is indicated

The PrismaLung+ device is indicated to provide extracorporeal CO2 removal (ECCO2R) as a stand-alone therapy or in combination with Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT). It is intended for patients with increased levels of CO2 in their blood and with a body weight greater than or equal to 30 kg (66 lb).

The TherMax Blood Warmer is intended for use in combination with the PrisMax control unit using Prismaflex blood tubing sets for the warming of blood during extracorporeal blood circulation.

The GamCath Dolphin Protect Catheters are intended for short-term use. They are used to obtain vascular access to perform extracorporeal blood purification. They can be used in the subclavian, jugular or femoral veins. These catheters are not intended to be used as a treatment for existing infections.

For safe and proper use of the products mentioned herein, please refer to the Operator’s Manual or Instructions for Use.




ARDS = Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

aeCOPD = Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

LPV = Lung Protective Ventilation

ULPV = Ultraprotective Lung Protective Ventilation

VILI = ventilation induced lung injury


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