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The ever-changing challenges in the ICU can be demanding

At Baxter, we recognize the complexity of the challenges you face when caring for the most critically ill.
And we are here to support you. 
In collaboration with healthcare professionals from all over the world, we have identified three key challenges:

Achieving operational efficiency

High workload during therapy setup and delivery

Diverse treatment needs

Patients requiring multi-organ support therapies

Complex clinical processes

Complicated therapy setup and delivery

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Introducing the PrisMax 2 system: built to help you overcome the challenges in your ICU

Co-created with healthcare practitioners like you, the PrisMax 2 system helps address the key challenges in the ICU and takes extracorporeal therapies to the next level by offering improvements designed to:

- Achieve operational simplicity

- Help enable smart efficiencies 

- Enhance data-driven insights

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Complicated therapy delivery

Simplify the complexities of CRRT and other extracorporeal therapies with the user-friendly interface of the PrisMax 2 system that helps enable seamless therapy management, from set-up to delivery.  
Make documentation easier with TrueVue Connect, a digital add-on communication module, which help enable auto-documentation with enhanced EMR connectivity. 

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The need for multiple therapies can lead to complexities in therapy delivery

Access a range of therapies on the PrisMax 2 system without adding complexities in delivery: CRRT, blood purification for sepsis management to remove cytokines and endotoxin, ECCO₂R and TPE. 
Deliver CRRT, ECCO₂R, and blood purification for sepsis management as stand-alone therapies or in combination with a single vascular access1.

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Delivering CRRT can be labor intensive

Streamline clinical workflows and increase efficiency with the PrisMax 2 system’s intelligent features that can help reduce device interactions and decrease therapy downtime1

Optimize your CRRT program by using data-driven insights enabled by TrueVue Therapy Management.

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Accurate therapy delivery involves multiple factors

Increase accuracy of treatment delivery with the PrisMax 2 system.

The TherMax Blood Warmer allows effective warming for extracorporeal therapies while giving physicians precise control of return blood temperature1.

The Patient Fluid Removal (PFR) Catch-up helps clinicians meet prescribed fluid removal targets and helps deliver more accurate treatments compared to the Prismaflex system – even when treatment interruptions occur1.

Driving purposeful innovation in critical care: introducing two solutions powered by the PrisMax 2 system

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Enjoy wireless EMR Connectivity

Save time that can be refocused on patient care with TrueVue Connect, a digital add-on communication module for the PrisMax 2 system, which simplifies auto-documentation with enhanced EMR connectivity.

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Add integrated ECCO2R therapy for your critical care patients1

With the PrismaLung+ gas exchanger on the PrisMax 2 system, you can now deliver ECCO₂R therapy to help manage hypercapnia and respiratory acidosis.

Meet the capabilities of the PrisMax 2 system

1000 ICU patients

Partnering with Baxter for better patient outcomes

At Baxter, we are dedicated to helping clinicians improve patient outcomes worldwide with purposeful, innovative patient-centered critical care through product integration and service solutions to on-demand educational advancements, medical expertise and data-driven insights.

We collaborate closely with healthcare professionals around the globe to understand their specific challenges and meet them through our offerings. We continue to be committed to R&D in order to innovate further and provide you the support you require.

With Baxter, you are never alone. We continually invest in our highly skilled teams to develop new therapies, monitoring capabilities, and diagnostics to help optimize therapies for your specific hospital and patient needs.


The PrisMax control unit is intended for:
• Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) for patients with acute renal failure and/or fluid overload
• Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE) therapy for patients with diseases where removal of plasma components is indicated
• Hemoperfusion (HP) for patients with conditions where immediate removal of substances by adsorption is indicated
• Extracorporeal CO2 Removal (ECCO2R) for patients with conditions where extracorporeal elimination of carbon dioxide is indicated

The PrismaLung+ device is indicated to provide extracorporeal CO₂ removal (ECCO₂R) as a stand-alone therapy or in combination with Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT). It is intended for patients with increased levels of CO₂ in their blood and with a body weight greater than or equal to 30 kg (66 lb).

The TherMax Blood Warmer is intended for use in combination with the PrisMax control unit using Prismaflex blood tubing sets for the warming of blood during extracorporeal blood circulation.

For safe and proper use of the products mentioned herein, please refer to the Operator’s Manual or Instructions for Use.

PrisMax, Prismalung+ and Thermax