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Unlock the value of your ICU data with TrueVue: a new suite of digital health solutions for the PrisMax 2 system

TrueVue is specifically developed to help ICUs capture the full potential of the PrisMax 2 system’s data. The offerings allow ICUs to enhance Electronic Medical Record (EMR) connectivity to support auto-documentation and enable data-driven CRRT quality improvement programs. 

Working in the ICU can be challenging for clinicians. What if you could reduce clinician burden and drive improvements in patient care?

The ICU is a complicated clinical care environment and efficient data management is essential for optimal treatment delivery. This is especially relevant for patients treated with CRRT, which may require manual charting of numerous treatment parameters and thus results in the generation of a substantial volume of data. The sheer volume of treatment data poses a challenge but also presents an opportunity: the data can be utilized to draw insights, which can help improve clinical care in the ICU while reducing the burden on clinicians.

77% of clinicians identified documenting and charting in the EMR as a source of cognitive overload

Reduce the burden of therapy documentation

Simplify the connection between the PrisMax 2 system and your EMR system with TrueVue Connect and save up to 16 minutes per hour on treatment setup and documentation1.

PrisMax 2 machine with EMR text displayed in a circle

Enhance EMR connectivity with TrueVue Connect

TrueVue Connect is a new digital  add-on communication module for the PrisMax 2 system that sends critical therapy information to your EMR, enabling automatic documentation into a flow sheet and helping nurses refocus time on patient care.

Icon showing wifi in a circle with small dots around it

Connect wirelessly to the EMR

TrueVue Connect offers the option to securely and wirelessly connect the PrisMax 2 system to your EMR system, reducing cables in the ICU and helping minimize the time spent on setup and documentation.

Icon with HL7 International text in the middle

Simplify EMR compatibility

With added HL7, TrueVue Connect offers increased flexibility via compatibility with leading EMR and middleware vendors.

Icon with a lock and a grid in a circle

Ensure secure data transfer

TrueVue Connect is designed with  privacy and security standards in mind, including advanced encryption capabilities and wireless authentication protocols3

guided integration

Take advantage of Baxter guided integration and support

Setup and installation of TrueVue Connect are provided by Baxter professionals, and flexible technical support options are available for continued service.

Hospitals are increasingly under pressure to optimize resources

Optimize treatment delivery and resource utilization with data-driven insights

Use actionable insights from your PrisMax 2 system to drive CRRT quality improvement programs at your hospital that can help optimize therapy delivery, reduce costs and improve resource utilization.

three steps, step 1 connect and collect, step 2 track and analyze, step 3 improve and optimize

Improve CRRT programs with TrueVue Therapy Management

TrueVue Therapy Management enables you to use the data captured by the PrisMax 2 system to drive efficiency in your ICU to help optimize budgets and resources. 

Doctor and Baxter sales representative discussing with information on the ipad

Track, trend, assess

The PrisMax 2 system with TrueVue Therapy Management allows you to track performance across 30+ key metrics such as filter life, alarms and prescription delivery, allowing for comparison between shifts and hospitals3. The data is captured in a hospital-specific dashboard and shared by Baxter’s clinical specialists. 

four green boxes with the text, target, review, understand and execute showing the T.R.U.E model

Support execution of quality improvement programs

TrueVue Therapy Management is a comprehensive program supported by a toolkit based on evidence from clinical practices. To get the most out of the program, Baxter designed the T.R.U.E. model which facilitates the process from establishing improvement targets to understanding the data and supporting quality improvement programs.

PrisMax 2 machine from the front with data stream in the background

Privacy and Security3

For use in TrueVue Therapy Management, data is securely collected from the PrisMax 2 system by TrueVue Connect and sent to TrueVue Cloud.

Patient privacy
For TrueVue Therapy Management, data is anonymized before it leaves your facility via TrueVue Connect in compliance with GDPR and HIPAA.

Data security
Advanced security standards protect your data at all stages of storage, transmission, and analysis. 


The PrisMax control unit is intended for:
• Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) for patients with acute renal failure and/or fluid overload
• Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE) therapy for patients with diseases where removal of plasma components is indicated
• Hemoperfusion (HP) for patients with conditions where immediate removal of substances by adsorption is indicated
• Extracorporeal CO2 Removal (ECCO2R) for patients with conditions where extracorporeal elimination of carbon dioxide is indicated

For safe and proper use of the products mentioned herein, please refer to the Operator’s Manual or Instructions for Use.